New Mentor Instructions

CoderDojo McDonough is seeking developers of all skill levels who are interested in sharing their knowledge with local youth at CoderDojo McDonough. The time commitment required is very low since the monthly sessions only last a couple hours and little preparation is necessary on your part because we will be using resources like CoderDojo is a worldwide non-profit group founded to teach young people (ages 7-17) to code. Visit for more information about the CoderDojo movement.

Developers with any type of experience or even non-developers who can google and type well are welcome to serve as mentors.

Coding sessions are held at the McDonough Public Library on the second Sunday of the month. The number of students allowed to participate each month will be based on mentor participation, so we really need your help to make CoderDojo McDonough a success!

Background Check

Please complete our Mentor Signup Form.

When we receive your submission, we will send you a code you will use in the next step to submit your background check online.

After you have received the special “GOOD DEED” code, here are the steps to submit your background check authorization for CoderDojo McDonough:

  • Visit:
  • Create an Account and log in through the volunteers portal.
  • Select “Get Verified” and enter the GOOD DEED code sent to you by the CoderDojo McDonough coordinator.
  • Complete the 4 steps.

The background check is completely free to you, but during the volunteer signup process you will have the opportunity to help with the cost if you’d like. You’ll be donating your time to CoderDojo McDonough and that is enough!

Once your background check is approved we will notify you. We then recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Mentor Guidebook and the Coding Session Outline.