Learning Resources

At our Dojos, we have different learning groups happening simultaneously: hardware coding with Arduino, drag & drop programming with Scratch, web development, and music programming with Ruby.

Students should practice with the resources below (perhaps before attending their first session) to explore interests or discover what they want to get help with.

Learn to type

  • Learning to type properly is one of the first things you can do to become a proficient coder. Sites such as typing.com and keybr.com are great free online resources that teach typing skills.

Drag and Drop programming

  • Code Studio is a great way to learn programming concepts, especially for children 7 - 10 who do not type well. Code Studio uses a graphical programming interface instead of typing. Find out more and create an account at https://learn.code.org/.
  • Lightbot - A game that teaches programming concepts like loops, if-then statements, and the like without typing or coding. This is similar to Code Studio because no typing is involved.


  • Codecademy Web Fundamentals is used as our primary learning resource for HTML and CSS.
  • CSS Diner is a little game to help you learn CSS selectors. This is also downloadable in case you don’t have internet access.


More resources

  • Code.org keeps a good “jumping off” point for online learning.
  • Kahn Academy - Learn the fundamentals of programming on the Khan Academy Computer Science platform.
  • Codeschool.com offers some free short courses for learning the basics of Ruby, JavaScript, JQuery, Git, and more.
  • Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.
  • Nodeschool.io has terminal-based learning lessons for node.js, npm and other related tools. These are recommended for advanced JavaScript students.
  • The bentobox.io website has links to good learning resources for almost any programming technology.
  • SmartScholar Computer Science Education Resource Guide has links to good learning resources for learning about computer science.

And even more!

You are not limited to learning these languages in our dojo! It’s just that, so far, this is what most students have expressed interest in, and what most mentors have experience with. If you have other goals and ideas, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help you get started or take what you’ve already done even further. If you find other great online resources, let us know!